BC Football - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I buy tickets to Boston College football games?

Answer: The best place is to start is with the BC ticket office (617-552-GoBC). If the game is sold out, a good place to look is AceTicket.com.

Question: What is the parking situation for BC games?

Answer: Unlike most college stadiums, you cannot simply drive to Alumni Stadium on game day and park. On campus parking - and some off campus parking - is limited to permit holders. The MBTA (public transportation) gets you to within walking distance of the stadium. It could be a short or long walk depending on whether or not you take the B, C or D green line train. There is also a free shuttle from a satellite lot in Needham. Please refer to the Athletic Event Parking page on BCEagles.com for general parking info. For more detailed information, call the BC Ticket Office at 617-552-GoBC. To see the MBTA Green Line map and list of stops, please click HERE. As you can see, the B line brings you closest to BC. If you don't mind the walk (about a mile), then you might consider the C or D lines. Please click HERE for the BC.edu public transportion page.

Question: Dear Coach ...

Answer: I have actually received email from high school players asking if I would come see them play or take a look at their game video. First of all, I am not the coach. I do not know Coach Spaziani and I am not affiliated with BC Athletics. This is an unofficial website run by a BC graduate. If you are interested in playing for BC, the number for BC Athletics is 617-552-3000.

Question: What time is the game in three weeks?

Answer: I get more questions about scheduling than anything else. First off, most ACC game times are announced about 12 days in advance. Television wants to broadcast the best games in the best time slots so they wait as long as possible before announcing the time and network. Thursday night kickoffs are announced when the schedule is set. I try to publish the game times as soon as I hear them. If you want up-to-the-minute game times, BCEagles.com is probably the best place to look.

Question: What is the date for next year's game against so-and-so? Who is on BC's non-conference schedule in the coming years?

Answer: The ACC matchups are set through 2015 but game dates are not scheduled until the previous season is complete. The schedule has been released in January or February the past few years. The non-conference dates are often set years in advance. For example, a BC-Northwestern game is scheduled for September 15, 2012. It's not uncommon for non-conference games to be scheduled late or changed. Please click HERE for the latest future schedule information.

Question: Why does Boston College play such a lousy non-conference schedule?

Answer: I wish I knew for sure. I think there are a few reasons. Let's start with the obvious. BC plays eight ACC games and at least one major non-conference opponent so I think there is an incentive to toss in a couple of automatic wins and maybe a MAC team that BC has an 80 to 90% chance of beating. Simply put, easy non-conference schedules lead to higher win totals. My other theory is that BC is not a team that other BCS schools want to play. BC has built a reputation as a tough opponent that can pin a loss on anyone. At the same time, BC is not a marquee name so a Top 25 team does not gain much by beating the Eagles. In other words, why would a team like Texas or Florida risk a loss to BC when they can either (a) play a doormat and get the easy win or (b) play another member of the college football aristocracy (USC, Ohio State, etc) and have a chance to gain some big AP and USAToday poll brownie points? Playing BC offers high risk with little reward. I would like to see BC play at least two BCS schools per season. The highlight of the current future schedule is a home and home with USC in 2013 and 2014.

Question: How does it feel being Notre Dame's "little brother"?

Answer: This was a frequently asked question ... in 1998.